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American Silk Mills Corporation manufactures some of America's finest textiles. These remarkable fabrics evoke the great Italian tradition of silk production to which American Silk Mills and its parent company Gerli & Co., Inc., can trace their roots.
Gerli's experience with silk began as eighteenth-century farmers of Northern Italy, who filled fallow periods between agriculture seasons by cultivating silk cocoons. Gerli and Co. was formed in the early 1800s to turn their fiber into yarn and by the end of that century was one of the largest traders of raw silk and silk yarn in the world.
American Silk Mills, whose own history with silk dates back to its founding in 1896, was acquired by Gerli & Co. in the late 1960s and merged in the 1970s with Cheney Bros., another venerable American institution famous for weaving silks and velvets. The new American Silk Mills focuses on producing furnishing fabrics for the residential and contract markets.
American Silk remains deeply committed to silk, a demanding fiber but one that is characterized by spectacular lusters as well as natural strength and an unusual affinity for dyes. Whether working with silk or other fibers, such as cotton and a special long-staple rayon of their own manufacture, American Silk builds upon a great European tradition of design and manufacturing.

American Silk Mills is a vertically integrated organization with its manufacturing headquarters in Plains, Pennsylvania. It is here that American Silk produces its yarns and weaves its exquisite novelty fabrics. Palettes of resonant, saturated color, enhanced by the textures of unique yarns, grace the distinctive stripes and plaids for which American Silk has become known. The same richness can be seen in the combed-cotton velvets that continue the famous Cheney tradition.
The ability to exploit pattern and weave construction can be seen dramatically in the Jacquard fabrics. Beautiful designs, ranging from foliate to geometric motifs, draw upon the expressions of historic silk weavers, on the company's own voluminous archives that date back to the 1800s, and on the creative staff's sensitivity to contemporary design directions.
In all cases, the fabrics seamlessly interweave old-world elegance with classic American functionality and durability.

From the Philadelphia City-based executive offices, American Silk Mills' merchandising, marketing, and design departments are working continuously to extend the range and quality of products that the company supplies to both the domestic and international furnishing markets.
The design studio prepares new collections throughout the year. Customers are invited to select from these lines directly, to modify specific designs to their own requirements, or to work with studio staff to generate entirely new concepts. Computer-aided-design capabilities help speed that complex metamorphosis from brilliant inspiration to quality product - fabrics that will enliven architectural space for years to come.

American Silk Mills is moving energetically into the international marketplace, from Europe and the Middle East to the Pacific Rim and South America. The specialized textiles, as well as the broad-based creative skills that have made American Silk a leader in color and design, have generated world-wide demand. As the company expands its manufacturing facilities at home and increases distribution abroad, American Silk Mills is positioned to grow and prosper in a global economy well through another century.